What does 21st Century Research Look Like?

Caity Selleck and Emily Gover wrote an article for EdTech Digest analyzing data they've pulled from Easybib.

The statistic that initially caught my attention was that 1% of students they polled thought databases were necessary for successful research compared to 60% of them of the librarians and other educators they polled.

This statistic shows what we already know - that we are living during a monumental shift in how we find and understand information.  Selleck and Gover follow this up by reiterating what other studies have also found, that students are equally likely to "cite a credible and academic source as they are to cite a less-than-authoritative one....Needless to say, restricting student access to technology and the Internet isn’t the answer. Rather, educating students about online source quality — and critically thinking about and evaluating these sources — must become an integral part of the curriculum."

I agree.