One Tab and Window Tiler for Chrome

My main work computer has two monitors.  Of all the things I have dome to promote efficiency, this is one of the most impact. It allows me to multitask and draw from multiple resources without cluttering up my desktop.

However, I do more than half of my work on a Chromebook.  I love the instant-on, the long battery life, the cost effectiveness and the portability of these computers, but they do have a relatively small screen.  To make things work, I use the incognito window and leverage extensions such as:

Window Tiler - This extension puts all of your open windows side by side so you can enter grades while looking at student work, or write a blog post and still follow TweetDeck...

One Tab is another essential browser organization extension.  It shrinks all of your open tabs into one tab.  This is great because it saves memory, space and because you can always reopen one, or all, or your tabs with a single click.  Moreover, your One Tab page gets a specific URL that you can share with other users, so it is a quick and easy way to share your open tabs with your students.