iOS + IFTTT = Efficiency!

Being a Google Apps super fan, you'd think I'd have an Android phone.  However, being a tech director, I need to keep up on all platforms.  So in my office I use a PC.  I bring a Chromebook to meetings  I present on a Mac.  I read on a Nexus 7 and I carry an iphone in my pocket.

I often hear people say that they wish Google and Apple would just get along so we could all have the integrated systems we want.  We can't make two competing companies collaborate, but with IFTTT we can make their services work together.

I was an early IFTTT user.  The service was cool at the start, but not wholly integrated.  Recent updates have made it much more comprehensive.  It is time to put IFTTT to work to make your tools work smarter.

This article shows some great ways to leverage the IFTTT app.

You can send a friend an email with the photo every time you add a picture to a specific iOS album.

Add all new photos to Google Drive.

Add a line to Google Spreadsheet every time you come an go from work.

Get an sms each time it the forecast calls for rain.

Auto-send your spouse a text when you leave work.

Sync your contacts....

...and hundreds of other things.

Spend 15 minutes playing around on IFTTT's recipe page.  Make Google and Apple work together.  Make your life more efficient.  You'll be happy you did.