Free Online Google Apps Courses

Every school I work with is using Google Apps now, at least to some extent.  For those of us who have been using Apps for a while it seems almost impossible to conduct business as usual without the collaborative always-available features of Google Docs.

But what if you're new to Apps or someone who has been using it for a while at a low level who wants to up your game?  Your school might offer training, but what if they are not at a time tha tfites your schedule?  What if they don't move at your pace.

Luckily, now you've got some great options.  In addition to YouTube and Google Guru, who can answer most of your immediate questions, you've got Google's free online Apps for EDU Courses.   Take one of the following courses master the 21st Century tools you work with every day!

Internet 101
Learn the basics of getting online and finding information, connecting, and sharing on the web.

Google Apps for Education Overview
Understand how to implement and use Google Apps for Education in your schools and classrooms.

Gmail for Educators
Learn tips and tricks for managing Gmail to save you time and resources.

Google Drive for Educators
Improve your use of Google Drive to help facilitate creation and collaboration in your classroom.

Chrome and Chromebooks for Education
Hone your browsing skills as you explore how to bring the power of the web to your school.