What does it take to be an exemplary teacher these days?  There was a time when content knowledge was probably enough.  Then a solid foundation in pedagogical approaches proved to make for much more effective and engaging teaching.  Now, these elements are still critical, but to be truly effective a teacher needs a strong balance of content, pedagogical AND technological knowledge.  

Kohler has centered his extensive TPACK research on the topic around this graphic.  Noting that transformative teaching and learning happens when all three of these elements are present.


You can read more about it on  Check it out.  You'll learn something useful.  

The graphic above, and the research behind it, are a tremendously helpful for teacher to keep on hand while lesson planning, adopting a new curriculum, planning staff development and collaborating with colleagues.

Understanding that teaching in the 21st century requires a balance of these skills is a great validation for teachers who are technologically savvy and an important reminder for those who have held off on integrating technology into their classroom.  

That said, one can not hope to master every technology tool available.  It is not the point nor is it the goal of TPCK.  The idea is for a teacher to be grounded in all three areas.  To be aware of available resources.  For example, a great primary document (content), a mix of small and larger group class activities (pedagogy) and the seamless use of available technology.

Moreover, we must all know where to look for assistance, support and fresh ideas when needed.  If your areas of strength are content and classroom management, you can trade your ideas with  someone whose tech bubble is larger, and vice versa.

TPCK is a framework that can help ever teacher improve their craft.  

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