Google Drive seems to meet nearly all of my document filing and sharing needs, but one hates to but all of the proverbial eggs in one basket, and one tool - even one as comprehensive as Google Drive, is not always the best tool for the job.  Luckily there are other tools out there to meet your needs.  Welcome to Cometdocs.

The new version of Cometdocs is an all-in-one document management service of the highest order. Using the new Cometdocs, users can now convert, store, transfer and share their files online easily and free of charge

According to Erica Perkins of Cometdocs, users can now:
     1.  Safely store their documents online
     2.  Convert them between popular document formats (HTML, PDF, Word, AutoCAD, XPS, etc.
     3. Share them anonymously or publicly without intrusive ads.
     4. Transfer large files to others via email.

I've used it to transfer pictures and other large files with great success.  I'll keep playing around with it as I come across the need to convert and transfer large files.

Let me know what service(s) you use to transfer and convert files.