Google Apps Tricks and Resources

Google Apps users.  Here are five  resources for you that will boost your Apps knowledge and make you more creative, connected and productive.
  1.  Google Gooru creates excellent and extensive video tutorials for Google Apps users. Their videos will fit the needs of new and veteran Google users alike. Teach your colleagues to check the site to answer Apps questions and to learn more about the seemingly limitless Google Apps possibilities.

    Fans should also install the Gooru Chrome Extension.  It is a quick shortcut and it will remind you each time a new video is uploaded.
  2. MakeUseOf assembled this top 10 list of Google services you should use.  It is worth a read even if you never make it past the first service, Account Activity.
  3. BlogTehnika focused their Google top 10 list on tricks.  Learn how to remotely sign off of your Google Apps account plus 9 more cool tricks.
  4. Think With Google produced Susan Wojcicki's interesting piece on the Eight Pillars of Innovation.  Read it and think about how you might employ her insight to make changes to your classroom, school or district.
  5. Alice Keeler wrote up these easy steps for adding a Favicon to your Google Site.  This is an easy way to boost your credibility.