How Do You Make Change Happen in Your School?

How do we effect change in an organization? How do you, for example, help your entire staff fully integrate technology?  

Is it through the correct balance of vision, skills, incentives, resources and an action plan? Or is it actually something even more simple and straightforward?  

Simon Sinek encourages us to focus on the question, "Why?" His 18-minute TED talk is worth a listen. He makes a strong argument that what you do is simply the proof of what you believe.

Sinek's explanation of the Law of Diffusion of Innovation is worth keeping in mind as you work to roll out technology at your school.
  • 2.5% innovators  - Will try anything
  • 13.5% Early Adopters 
  • 34% Early Majority - Won’t try something until someone else has tried it first 
  • 34% Late Majority
  • 16% Laggards - Only bought touch pad phone because rotary phones are no longer available