Be a Part of 50 Sites This Year!

The 2012 TIES conference is the fifth for 50 Sites in 60 Minutes.  Once again I'll have the honor of presenting to a room that seats hundreds.  To celebrate, I am open-sourcing 50 Sites!

I have split 50 sites into 10 categories:
  1. Apps
  2. Assessment
  3. Digital Curriculum
  4. Google Apps
  5. Innovation
  6. Lifelong Learning
  7. Mapping
  8. Presentations
  9. Video and Audio
  10. Wild Card!

Each category will contain ~5 sites.  I'll present 3-4 of them.  You'll present the other 1-2.  Here's how:
  • Pick site that you find compelling or amusing or useful or...something  (Your site should be free, or nearly free.)
  • Record a 30 - 45 second video - Be Creative!
    • Introduce yourself.
    • Show your site.
    • Tell us why you picked the site.
    • Explaining how it is useful in the classroom. 
  • Post your video to Youtube and make it public.
  • Submit your site to the form below, or email it to me at  Make sure you tell me which category it fits along with any additional information.  
I'll pick the best videos and include them in 50 Sites.  Your video will be seen by hundreds at TIES and buy the ~75,000 annual pageviews at!

Submissions are due by Thursday, December 6th.

Thanks, and good luck!