Snapseed - My Current Favorite iPhone/iPad App

An iPhone app worthy of Olympic photojournalismYes, indeed.  And it is, therefore, good enough for me.  Snapseed is the app I've used most on my ipad and iphone this week.

Although I have close to a dozen camera and photo editing apps this one has taken the place of them all.  The easy interface, advanced and varied options, attention to detail and outstanding results make this well worth the $4.99 and my favorite new app!

There are more cool capabilities (blur, vintage, grunge, tiltshift, lighting, framing, detail editing...) than can be mentioned here, but one nifty feature is the ability to simply touch the image to view the differences between the original image and the current state of editing.

Give it a try and start transforming your pics finally realizing the power of the iphone and ipad camera.

Their site claims it is the only app you'll want to use every day."  This has been more than true for me.

Send me a pic or two if you are able to capture something great!

UPDATE:  Snapseed is now available for Android!