Change in Education

This is worth a listen.

So is this.

I like this line about how to 21st-century-ify your curriculum.  "Think of the word 'geo.' Put 'geo' in front of everything you teach...what is a 'geo' essay?"

-Heidi Hayes Jacobs


Sean Beaverson said...

Here is my only problem with this. They sound so dire. School sucked for some of us, what they're describing in this video is SUPER COOL. They should be pumped. They should be preaching from the pulpit. It's not a disaster - it's an opportunity that comes along once every few hundred years - and we're here in the most important profession in the world for implementation. Pretty dang exciting to me.

MarkGarrison said...

I agree.

MarkGarrison said...

I guess it is our role to be the voices of enthusiasm here.