Google in Education Resources and Booklet

Hey Teachers.  Are you always looking for ways to improve engagement, efficiency and collaboration?  Check out the digital version of the Google in Education booklet.

You can find the booklet and TONS of other Google Apps resources on the newly revised Google in Education website.

Every educator, from the most seasoned Google Apps user to the complete novice, will learn something new on the educator resource section of the Google in Education site.  You'll find new features, such as Fusion Tables, and great tutorials on Docs and the other basic building blocks of the Apps suite. 

What to learn on your own?  Simple click through the many interesting links of flip through the booklet.  For those of your conducting trainings, you'll find the site to be a pre-made resource to organize your content.

While you're there be sure to check out the growing collection of lesson plans to see how other teachers are putting the power of Apps to work in their classrooms.