Chrome Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Do you ever accidentally close a tab and wish you could instantly pull it back up?  Now you can!

(Ctrl = Command on a Mac)

Try Ctrl + Shift + T to reopen the last tab you closed.
Ctrl + T will open a new tab.

Ctrl + Backspace will delete the previous word in the address bar.

Ctrl + N will open a new window.
Ctrl + Shift + N will open a new incognito window.

Ctrl + V will paste.
Ctrl + Shift + V will paste with no formatting.

Ctrl + F will help you find any word on a page. 

Ctrl + 9 to switch to the last tab in your window.

Hit the Space Bar on any website to page down.
Shift + Space Bar will page up.

That should get you started.  When you are ready for more, here is a great list of 70 other helpful Chrome Shortcuts.


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