I have long been a fan of using maps for assessment.  There are few more authentic assessments out there than presenting your students with a blank digital map and asking them to fill in the major events of the Civil War, or the regional characteristics of the 13 Colonies, or the main events in Bud, Not Buddy...

These types of assessment are authentic, promote higher level thinking and they are easy to grade!

Scribble Maps and Google's My Maps are excellent tools to create such maps.  However, new tools are are always emerging.  Lately, I have become a fan of Tripline.  It allows you to make personalized maps that are even more interactive and engaging.  "Just like in the movies, the Tripline player gives you an animated line moving across the map with a soundtrack."

UPDATE: 12/10/12: Some great new features to the site.

Here's a summary of what's new:

1. Follow Roads!! Click on the lines in your map to set travel mode (driving, biking, walking) and the lines will follow roads automatically
2. Create draggable custom paths with the Custom Path travel mode
3. Choose different map types (road map, satellite) in the editor
4. Greatly improved custom point functionality (drop points, paste decimal lat/lng)
5. Expand the size of the map in the editor (click and drag the bottom edge)
6. Player now defaults to explore view so you can hover over points and see details right away
7. Set your profile to private on your account settings page
8. Change your username on your account settings page
9. We've updated the overall design of the site so it now expands to fill your browser window
10. We fixed several bugs (Facebook Connect, Facebook photos, Tripit import etc.)