QR Voice

Perhaps QRVoice is the innovation that will finally get QR codes to live up to their promise as critical classroom tool.  

Record your short message and post it as a QR code.  

Offer directions to students and parents, narrate a museum-like tour of your school, post a scavenger hunt in your classroom or a message to parents to view as they wait for conferences.  

Every school has student art hanging in the halls. Next time you post new artwork, have students create a short message and post a QR code next to their work explaining the work.  

Don't worry about the short recording time (100 characters) or the voice (it is rather robotic). The concept it what is important here. You can post a recording online using another service such as Zoom.it and then embed that in a QR Code using Kaywa or one of the many other QR code generators.

Here are a dozen more QR-in-the-classroom ideas.