Thomas Suarez and the Importance of Programming

"For Soccer you can join a soccer team, for violin you could get lessons for a violin, but what if you want to make an app?"

Thomas Suarez is an app developer and 6th grade student.  He started an app development club at his school so he could share his experiences with others.  What are you doing to encourage creativity and to share your expertise with others?

Suarez understands that, "These days students know a little more that teachers with the this is a resource to teachers and educators should recognize this resource and make use of it."

You can create a classroom where you foster creativity, authenticity and intrinsic motivation in your students!

When it is time to redesign your school’s foreign language department, or redefine literacy at your school, or take another look at your computer science department, why not consider bridging the two by teaching programming as a language.  It is an immensely useful and imminently applicable skill that transfers directly to the job market and makes MANY tasks more manageable and MANY problems easier to solve.