Design School Advice

At this time in the school year it is good to take a few minutes to step back and take stock of how things are going.

Many of you already know that I think of teachers as designers - since we design lessons, objectives and learning environments every single day. 

Josh Berta'a advice, while focused towards design students, has some real relevance for teachers.  The basic themes are: Be yourself (and take care of yourself), play to your strengths, learn from your colleagues and always strive to do better.
        • You Can’t Learn Talent
        • Don’t Worry About Style
        • Borrow (Don’t Steal) Freely
        • Consider the (Authority Of The) Source
        • Edit Your Own Work Judiciously
        • Edit Your Own Work Really Judiciously
        • There is No Freedom Without Structure
        • Change Brings Clarity
        • Sleep Brings Even More Clarity
        • Be Yourself