I am a proud graduate of the University on Minnesota's Learning Technologies department.  In the couple of years since I left they've moved into a new space and expanded their mission.  Last Friday they went public with one of the coolest projects I've seen - Ave ASL.  With this tool they've completely streamlined (and I'll add, improved) ASL instruction.  Your ASL department can use if free this fall, and then pay a small fee for continued service after that.  Ave ASL uses video to assess, instruct, provide practice and timely feedback to ASL students.

It is a beautiful tool and it holds tremendous promise for ASL and MANY other subjects.  Charles Miller is currently working on a Deaf and Hard of Hearing edition and in the spring of 2012 they will roll out the World Language edition.  Spanish, French, Mandrin, German...teachers, prepare to transform your teaching.  Once the language (and ipad) versions are out, the sky is the limit for innovative uses for Ave. This thing is cool, free (for now) and live at last!