This summer I was given the opportunity to participate in the first-ever YouTube Teacher Studio.  I learned a ton about the WHY and the HOW of using video in the classroom, met some amazing people  and earned the title of Youtube Star Teacher.  (More on that in the coming months...)

My biggest takeaways from the experience centered around ways to use well video to give students a preview of the key terms and concepts so they feel as though the have some prior knowledge when they come to class (and thus lighten their cognitive load and learn more!) and the idea of flipped teaching.

The great Ramsey Musallam discussed his work with these topics and how he has incorporated flip teaching into his Chemistry classroom and academic research. 

Here at GarrisonSites you can expect to see more video this year as I branch out and incorporate more of these ideas into my daily work. 


Ramsey Musallam said...

Thanks for the shot out Mark! Very excited about the current buzz, but also weary that folks are confusing the model for just another for of lecture or "front loading" information. I am very excited about my current action research project, trying to mix flipping with inquiry based learning: Explore - Flip - Apply. Students explore and built conceptual models first, then flip is used on the back end to address misconceptions, followed by an application phase More soon...Thanks for your great blog. Go Timberwolves!