So much of what is possible on the ipad seems like magic.  Yesterday I was at a neighborhood festival and a local restaurant owner was using hers to record a video of the band playing on her deck.  Visually impaired people use the ipad to read money, my first grade son taught himself fractions, we've got a silly talking giraffe that mimics anything we say, my brother-in-law has retaught himself to play guitar on his, the Assist app might well replace the Scantron, LiveSketch HD makes me look like I am a great artist for under $2 and...Today, I am taken by dotepub.  This site will take any article or website and turn it into an ebook.  So anything you read online that you want to save for later, or share with others can now be published into an ebook.  You can create the ebook on you ipad or computer.  It's magic!