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Infographics are everywhere these days. They are in newspapers, magazines and newscasts because they communicate a large amount of information in a succinct manner. That is exact reason that they are such great classroom assessment tool. A designer really has to understand a concept before creating an infographic. The best ones have many layers of information and make use color, text, images, graphs and every inch of space.

Next time you complete a unit of study have your students create an infographic in place of a paper assessment (to depict a novel, mathematical concept, historical era, current event...). Give them time to collaborate together and then post their work in a public place so others can learn from their infographic.

The New York Times makes great use of infographics and they've assembled this lesson plan to help you use them in your classroom. Here is a list of tools you can use to make simple infographics that provides a basic starting point, but I bet your students can do better.

Here are some great examples from SmashingApps to inform and inspire your students. Here are 10 more, and here is a quirky list of the best infographics on the web today.