There are more and more great ways to help your students keep up with the news. Try starting, ending, or centering your class with one of these resources:
  • 10 X 10 is a pictorial depiction of the day's events. It provides an interesting take on the news. Click on a picture to see the details.
  • Newsmap has a similar lens, but is more based on the word-cloud concept of demonstrating important stories with size.
  • BBC Weekly News Quiz Embed it in your website. It can be taken on a computer or mobile device.
  • Week in Rap is a pretty entertaining 90 second rap review of the week's news. Add it to your lessons...because it is clever, and because it is always good to embed music and the arts into other subject areas.
  • CNN Student News is another news source that caters to young people. Not bad if you are looking for more detail (10 minutes each day.) But there are ads to watch before the news begins and the demographic appeal seems a bit strained at times. Somehow wearing jeans and using words like "awesome" is more cheesy than youthful.
  • Hubii gives you the world's news on a map. 
feel free to use the comment section to tell other GarrisonSites readers how you keep your students up to date with current events.