I attended an event at MPR tonight with Kerri Miller and a room full of educators, designers and technologists. We were discussing Sophia and talking about the power of technology in the classroom.

You can hear it on MPR at 9:00 on Monday, January 31. It was an interesting event with lots of great ideas being bantered about during the taping as well as during the socializing before and after.

In addition to exchanging ideas with some great thinkers, I learned more about Sophia. It is a platform that allows anyone (a K-12 teacher, student, engineer, scientist, professor, auto mechanic, doctor, builder...) to upload a learning packet explaining a concept that they are familiar with. As teachers we can use it as a platform to host the videos we record of the essential parts of our daily lessons. However, anyone can upload a learning packet explaining how to do something. It is still in Beta form now, but it will go live on March 1, 2011. You can request a trial membership today if you are eager to put it to the test.

How will it turn out? Ultimately it depends on how creative, innovative and dedicated the users are who post content there. For now, it has a lot of promise the expand the walls of the classroom.