ScribbleMaps is a creative, powerful and easy to use tool that allows you to create a custom Google Map without any sign up or account. It works seamlessly with Google Maps, but it not a Google product.

Teachers and Students can:
  • Create a timeline on top of a map and add arrows to the key places on the timeline.
  • Zoom in on one area and add tags, links (to websites or documents) pictures, lines, boxes, highlights, annotations, place markers short descriptions...
  • Print, save, embed or email you map.
  • View and save as a regular map, as well as terrain, hybrid and satellite - just like any Google Map.
  • Create a quick reference for English or Science class.
  • Create a map of a story from a novel, poem, or historical event. These can be teacher generated to help teach a lesson, or student generated as an assessment tool.
  • Add place markers with descriptions to an ongoing class map as students read a novel or learn new information to help promote class understanding.
  • Create maps of current events, travel, physical activity, artistic themes, survey results, book reports...
  • Use as a summative assessment of a novel, geography lesson, geology unit, chapter in history...
  • Save as a KML file and view in Google Earth
UPDATE:  Check out even cooler features in Animaps!