This is a great time to start a new, easier to remember and more secure password system.

Whether you are the teacher who used to write your passwords on a "hidden" piece of paper or a master techie with hundreds of logins to remember Lifehacker's Gina Trapani has the perfect system you need.
  1. She suggests that you start with a base word this could be a random group of letters like "qwert", the first letter of every word from your favorite song, the date of your anniversary, a favorite food, memory, or something even more stealthy and secretive.
  2. Apply a common rule to that base word. You might pick every consonant from the name of the website you are using and add that to your base word. Or, pick the first few letters, or the first and last letters of the site's name (For twitter your password might be twiqwert, or twerqwert.) It really does not matter as long as you apply the same rule to every site.
Of course you have many sites with a different existing password structure. Take advantage of this new system to change you password next time you visit these sites.

You can read Trapani's entire article for even more ideas.

Good luck.