PocketMod advertises their service as a mini organizer. It is great for this purpose. There are hundreds of things to keep track of in life and much as I like to be paperless, sometimes there is no replacement the old paper in the pocket. PocketMod has great little widgets – storyboards, graph paper, converters, shopping lists, calendars and more.

That said, my greatest interest in PocketMod is classroom usage. You can create a 7-8 page word document, convert it to a PDF (using a free service such as CutePDF) and then make your document into a small little book. Students can create their own content to tell stories, review terms and share ideas. Teachers can use it to deliver content, help students review vocab, science terms and math equations and much more. Teachers could provide the PDF on their class website for kids to assemble at home, they could hand them out at school, or the kids could create their own content and make their own books.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. If you or your students create something great please send it to me so I can share you example with other GarrisonSites readers!