Dawn Norton's 2010 Must Use Biology Sites

Dolan DNA Learning Center
Gene Almanac Site for interactive units in genetics and cancer

Utah Genetics
Animations, teacher resources and lesson plans on genetics

Nova Science Now
Video and interactive activities on various topics in math/science

HHMI Biointeractive
Excellent resources-DVD and online-for current topics in biology

Free science library and personal learning tool brought to you by Nature Publishing Group, the world's leading publisher of science-focus genetics and cell biology

Bio Coach
Review activities for main topics in biology; lab bench covers 12 AP labs

Essential Study
McGraw-Hill tutorial resource to review/study major topics in biology

Homework UT
Low cost online student homework generator & performance management out of the U-Texas, Austin

UK lab/practical activities site for controlled experiments in biology

NIH Talking Glossary See DNA as example
Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms to help everyone understand the terms and concepts used in genetic research

The Gene Hunters
PBS: Scientific American Frontiers-Educational resources involving scientists “hunting” for genes

Visible Body
3D Medical Animations and Illustrations

Fresh Water Society-What’s New
Fresh water monitoring and quality management-daily environmental news postings

John Kyrk
Extraordinary animations on numerous topics in biology

Harvard Cell
Harvard BioVisions animated movie of the inner workings of a cell in immune response/intracellular trafficking

PBS Nova Online [Location of DNA]
Interactive tutorial showing chromosome organization

ADAM Anatomy Videos
Penn Medicine: Animations/Videos on topics in medicine/health-sorted alphabetically

NIH [Human Genetic Variation]
Web-based learning modules in biology/medicine; HS and MS level activities

AP Web Labs
Resource for the 12 AP Labs: Tutorial, Video, Sim Labs

Biology Project Arizona
Resource materials in human body, genetics, cell and immunology topics

Cells Alive
Resources for teaching cell biology, microscopy, immunology and microbiology.

Gene Annotation
“Beginners” tutorials for learning how to do sequence annotation

Stanford 1970’s Protein Synthesis
13.5 minute movie of student-interpretive dance showing the mechanisms of protein synthesis

HHMI Biodiversity and Evolution
Activity to accompany the lecture series Exploring Biodiversity: The Search for New Medicines: Construct evolutionary trees by sorting seashells

DNA From the Beginning
Dolan DNA Center detailed tutorials/animations/movies on classical and molecular genetics and mechanisms for genetic organization and control

Apple Genomics
In molecular biology/sequencing section, Lego blocks are used in an animation format to show how automated DNA sequencing is done; error in mononucleotide drawing

Animations-Biotech [McGraw]
Quick animations to illustrate lab/techniques used in biotechnology; examples-restriction enzymes, cDNA production, microarrays, and genetic engineering

Science Museum of the National Academy of the Sciences
Online Resources for Featured Exhibits; Example: Rapid Evolution

Water on the Web
Resources and data analysis tools for investigating real-time water quality information

Teacher’s Domain
Thousands of science videos free for use with teacher registration-online streaming or download

Field Biology
Create a FREE google web site

NABT Bio Club
Opportunities for students to share and promote interest in the biological sciences

Genographic Project
National Geographic Project is seeking to chart new knowledge about the migratory history of the human species

Survey Monkey
Free online survey generator for up to 8 questions. Excellent for quick student feedback.

Science Hack Videos
Quick link to short video clips in biology and other science sites

Action Bioscience
A non-commercial, educational web site created to promote bioscience literacy by examining issues of public interest

YouTube Science Video Resources
“Mr. T” IB Biology Resources-Bandung International School {Mr.Taylor}

MN Dept. of Education-Internet Sites for Science
Hundreds of sites for all sciences/organized by content area and grade level

Yale University Science Outreach Program
Lesson plans aimed at MS students/learning genetics

Lectures by the world’s “leading thinkers and doers”; annual lecture series/speakers give 18-20 min. “talk of their lives”

Teaching Evolution [From a BIOTECH site]
Resources and links to teaching quality evolution/why evolution must be taught in science

Case Studies in Biology
McGraw Hill link to 24 bioethics-based case studies

Comparative Genomics
NIH resource showing all of the various comparative genomics research/how related

Microbe Zoo
Digital center for microbiology images

PBS Evolution Links
Links to 7 videos discussing topics in evolution

Radiocarbon Dating
Tool for instruction and/or student activity on how radiocarbon dating is done-diagram/quiz format

Plants in Motion
Indiana U-Dept. Biology-movies and teaching/learning projects on plants

Sam Rhine Genetics Update Conference
Excellent national speaker on latest topics in molecular biology; yearly lectures [MN: hosted at Cooper HS-Robbinsdale]

NCBI [Genome]
NIH-National Center for Biotech Info-full genome access; excellent tutorials for use of site and resources

Bubba Brain [Vocab review]
Fun online vocab review game for biology and numerous other disciplines-sorted by topics; AP Biology included for Biology grades 11 AND 12

Molecular Science [Student Workbench]
Interactive bioinformatics site where students can engage in nucleic sequence/protein analysis; instructive teacher resources available

Construct a Phylogenic Tree
Digital selection of species/map drawn to show phylogenic relationship

United Streaming
Excellent video resource; subscription required

SIFT Archives
U-Florida “science information for teachers”; huge reservoir of online sites for science and other topics

Health Learning Resources
Links to 100’s of resources in health sciences and nursing

Way Back Machine
Search for archived web sites

High Wire Press [Stanford-Journals]
Free Journal Access

Human Anatomy Online
Interactive learning tutorials; sorted by each body system

DNA game [Nobelprize.org]
Interactive practice in base pairing and protein synthesis

Private web site with detailed notes and numerous learning resources for several levels of biology

Molecular Movies
Portal to cell and molecular movie clips

NASA Global Climate Change
Real time data bank for global climate change indicators

Becoming Human [Interactive documentary]
Interactive documentary that tells the story of human evolution

Chromosome Connection [Human vs. Primate]
From becoming human, specific link that illustrates chromosomal connection humans/primate

Blue Planet [Planet Earth Web]
Web site to accompany Planet Earth Series

Giraffe Cam [Updates every min.];
Colorado Springs, CO; other CAMs-see SIFT
Live Animal WebCAMs-see SIFT

Access Excellence [Curriculum source]
Curriculum source for activities exchange/national health museum

Genographic Project
National Geographic resource on mDNA/Y-chromosome studies tracing human migration

Gene Gateway
Web companion to Human Genome Landmarks Poster

BBC science sites
Activities and assessments for topics in science

Basics in Evolution [Rockefeller University FREE lectures]
Rockefeller University FREE lectures on evolution

BioEd Online [Bayor University]
Biology teacher resources from Baylor U-New and archived materials

New Jersey Bio Teacher’s Animation Links
Compilation of web sites sorted by biology topic

What did T Rex Taste Like? [Interactive Phylogenics Activity]
NSF sponsored interactive tutorial about phylogenic trees-UC Berkely

Dawn Norton's Must Use Biology Sites
Quite simply the finest collection of biology sites and resources :)

Biology in Motion [Interactive Activities]
Interactive simulation activity about natural selection

Pathology PPTs
Free PPTs from American Society for Investigative Pathology

Microscope Slide Images
146 microscope slide images from various species

Tree of Life
Pictures, text and information for all species; open source database with organisms cited by phylogenic relationships

Visible Embryo
Images of embryonic development with detailed size and development information

AP Bio Help [Bruce Faitsch]
Student resource site for help with AP Biology curriculum; hosted by an AP teacher

St. Olaf Animations
Biological animations sorted by topic

Dynamic Gene
Dolan DNA Learning Center Site/tutorial for gene annotation

Sumanas Animations
Animation gallery-sorted by subject area/biology, astronomy, chemistry and environmental science

Cornell Resources
Class room resources and activities in chemistry and biology

Experiments with Twinkies
Finals week-Rice University 1995: Ideas for controlled experiments testing Twinkies

Watson and Wilson discuss Darwin [Video 56 min.]
Charlie Rose interview with James Watson and Edward O. Wilson 2005

Slideshow of Life Through Time
Frans Lanting’s visual journey of life through time

The Complete Works of Charles Darwin
Publications, papers and drawings from Charles Darwin’s scientific work

MIT Resources
OpenCourseWare resources for students and teachers of biology

101 Lesson Plans in Bio
Independence HS Manhattan-Lesson plan ideas in biology from 1995-2008

Encyclopedia Life
Site providing dynamic information about all life on earth

Internet for Classroom
Site to assist teachers in more effective use of the internet: Organized by 6 biology standards-cells, interactions, photo/respiration, genetics/biotech, diversity, biological evolution

Dolan DNA Learning Center-Teacher center for developing presentations using the Dolan digital resources

Biotech Cool Things
Excellent site for resource activities in high school biotechnology-curriculum developed by Ellyn Daugherty

Cloning and Sequencing 6-8 week Lab Explorer Series
Comprehensive cloning and sequencing lab resource item from BioRad {about $2000}

East Bay Protein Purification Lab
Link to pdf: lab for protein purification from the East Bay Biotechnology Center Link to excellent and comprehensive activity on mutations

BioBridge Fluorescing Proteins Lab
Also from Easy Bay-Using fluorescing proteins to test bacterial transformation/protein separation using nickel column chromatography

PCR Testing of Genetically Modified Foods
Easy Bay resource lab in pdf format-Advanced

Lab Safety
dmoz/open directory resource link to hundreds of excellent reference materials pertaining to laboratory safety in K-12 classrooms

Biolink Biotechnology Resources
Curriculum resources for classroom activities in biotechnology

NIH Educational Resources
NIH Office of Education-free educational resources sorted by topic

University of Kansas Medical Center
Excellent web links for genetics education resources

Up to date biology-related news topics from around the world

Beta hemoglobin: Primates vs. Humans
Bioinformatics activity comparing amino acid sequences from access excellence archive

Pearson Biology Labs Online
Commercial web site for online biology labs-free trial available; $7/student/lab or $40/year/all labs

Lab Resources-HHMI
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Lab Resources in Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Ken Miller’s Homepage
Professor of Biology at Brown University and co-author of Prentice Hall Biology texts-this site is a gateway to thousands of resources for high school biology teachers

SMART Download-able Software
Download free firmware and software updates and access free 30-day trials of select SMART products and administrator tools. Please note that some downloads may require a product key or serial number.

AP BiologyTeacher Resources
Advanced Placement Biology-general biology resource/web sites at College Board AP Central site

Understanding Evolution
Non-commercial, education website, teaching the science and history of evolutionary biology

Nice Tutor
Biology and science education resources for teachers and tutors

Want more? Here are 6930 sites in thirteen biological areas
Link to archived web site by retired NY biology teacher, Ken House