Google Wave

The same brothers who invented Google Maps (Jens and Lars Rasmussen) now bring us Google Wave. They started with the question, "What would email look like if it were designed today rather than 40 years ago?" The result is impressive and getting better by the day as open source designers are designing all kinds of features that will make it more powerful.

Instantaneous translation, seamless picture interface, synchronous and asynchronous collaboration, blog and twitter applications and more...An early article in Lifehacker claimed Wave could do everything from improve the safety of air travel to promote better collaborative writing. All of this sounds great, but until Wave can communicate with existing methods such as email and Twitter it might be a bit slow to take off.

Still to be determined is how schools will use this resource. We will need more teachers joining up and testing the waters before we can know for sure.

Want to become an expert? Read this complete user guide.