Throughout our lives we stumble upon experiences, articles and events that we’d love to bring back to the classroom. But how do you make the most of these “teachable moments” and relate them to your curriculum? Wolfram|Alpha may well have the answer.

Wolfram|Alpha's founder, Stephen Alpha, says his project is, “Taking all the data and models and algorithms that have been accumulated in our civilization and mak(ing) them immediately computable so that anyone, anywhere can just go to the web and use that knowledge to compute answers to their specific questions.”

If you love data and numbers and knowledge, this site is for you.

Math teachers - you may get the most use out of W|A. Enter a mathematical equation with the word "solve" in front of it and then click "show steps." W|A will show you (and your students) how to solve any mathematical problem.

If you have 10 minutes or so the Overview Video shows a host of great ways to use Wolfram|Alpha. If you are looking for a quicker tutorial, click on “Visual Gallery of Examples” and Examples by Topic to learn more. Or, just dive right into the newly public Wolfram|Alpha site and click on “A few things to try”.