I know that Youtube is not new to anyone, but a couple of aspects of this great resource are being underutilized.

First of all, are you posting there? You should be. It is time to contribute to the world's unofficial video archive.

Secondly, are you converting and downloading clips to show in class? If not, the time is now. Videos engage and create lasting memories. Here is a list of converters I like to use embed video into daily PowerPoint or SMART lessons. They make sure that the videos are always at hand and they get rid of the related videos that come up at the end of movies.

Here are a couple of ideas (Article, Video) about how to use Youtube in the classroom from Edutopia.

Are you using It is a growing resource of educations related videos!

Of course there are many other sites that are youtube-like. For example, try Vimeo. (Smaller selection, bigger resolution)