My wife and I paddled from Minnesota to the Arctic Ocean in 2002. The 3,000 mile long 4-month expedition was one of the more formative experiences of our lives. The whole of it is really inexplicable, we paddled through spring floods, summer heat, fall colors and winter ice.

We faxed updates down to the states from grocery stores and town halls along the rivers. Once received our writings were they were typed up, emailed cross country and uploaded to Paddlenorth. I was amazed to receive correspondence from followers as far off as Tokyo and New Zealand. While Norah and I learned lots about what is important in life on the expedition, (most of which had nothing to do with technology at all) one interesting fallout was an appreciation of the power of the internet to connect like minded people.

Update:  Our original Paddlenorth website is no longer active, but you can find most of the information archived on this (much less esthetically pleasing) blog that we are using to temporarily house the posts.  You can also access the old site on the Wayback Machine.